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ScanWorks Processor-based Fast Programming

ScanWorks Processor-based Fast Programming

In the age of Agile, why is production the last to keep up with the every changing requirements? Preprogrammed parts with firmware in today’s systems, where changes happen frequently and are required at the speed of light, does not make practical sense. In-system programming provides the flexbility needed to make changes quickly, but that is only part of the solution. Production beat rates need to be fast and so fast in-system programming is the other part of the solution. ScanWorks Processor-based Fast Programming (PFP) delivers both in-system programming and fast production beat rates. Additionally, PFP decreases the firmware management complexity found in production. 

Processor-based Fast Programming is a turn-key target-resident agent that decreases the cost associated with pre-programmed parts. In addition it can program faster than other traditional production methods.

Key elements:

  • Programming flash devices at the speed of flash component for:                     
  • Serial NOR, NAND, SD/MMC,
  • Test engineering programming control
  • Programing interactively or Script driven in production
  • Scripting not required by test engineering but can script when desired
  • SoC/Processor and flash device programming knowledge not necessary
  • Image control (read, write, verify, block, sector, and checksum) via UI parameters
  • Programming large files for QSPI or MMC/eMMC/DC with file transfer over Ethernet or USB for extremely fast downloads

How is this all possible? By focusing on the SoC or controller capabilities that interface to the flash device. ASSET expertise in production and device programming led to the development of a target resident model to accelerate the programming task.

Supporting SoCs and Integrated Controllers

The size of these flash devices is growing at an astonishing rate. The rate of growth is because the market is being more defined by the software while the hardware is becoming commoditized. Flexibility in dealing with software in production is key to a successful product deployment. Today’s designs are complex and often have flash either built into the controller or connected to a SoC which contains an embedded flash controller. 

Hardware for ScanWorks

Hardware for ScanWorks

The ScanWorks platform for embedded instruments is supported by a wide variety of hardware controllers and accessories with which engineers can connect ScanWorks to their unit under test (UUT). Hardware is available for development, production and repair environments. The test platform required for ScanWorks is either a standard PC or a system with a built-in (embedded) JTAG controller.

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